Procedures and Regulatory Framework

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As more processes are becomming formalized, this page has been created to consolidate this information in a more centralized fashion.


Regulatory Framework

The Hermanusdoorns Privacy Policy Statement in Terms of The Protection of Personal Inforrmation Act 4 of 2013, (POPIA) is published below for the convenience of all shareholders.


Shareholders need to be aware of the provisions of the National Veld and Forest Fires Act 1998 ( downloadable from the internet ), and act responsibly at all times in this regard. In particular in our environment, to never leave braai fires unattended and to always extinguish the burning embers before going to bed at night. Shareholders need to be aware of the provisions of the Act as they apply to the company, it's members and visitors to the farm. The board commissioned a synopsis of the act as it relates to Hermanusdoorns. Please read it and familiarise yourselves with it as the consequences of a veldfire in our environment can be catastrophic.

In addition, a Guide to the Interpretation and Implementation of the Act, published by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry is also available.

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