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Member Notice Board

The intent of this page is to list news flashes and items of interest, as well as to provide a space for shareholders to offer items for sale, request information etc. There is also a Discussion Forum for shareholders to use to post directly on the website ( once registered ) and share experiences, suggestions and comments and to encourage more open communication amongst all.

Please submit any contributions to the Member Notice Board by sending an e-mail to John and Lorna Hill at

  . Photos should be sent via e-mail.

Hammerkop ( Eddie Grobler )Nyala ( Gericke )


News Flashes

  • Posted 29/06/2021 - In Terms of The Protection of Personal Inforrmation Act 4 of 2013, (POPIA), which becomes law on 1 July 2021, the company is obliged to publish a Privacy Policy Statement to be made available to all shareholders, describing how the company collects, uses, discloses, retains and protects shareholder's personal information in accordance with POPIA and other relevant laws This is found on the Procedures & Regulatory Framework page.
  • Posted 10/09/2019 - The MD's presentation from the AGM has been uplaoaded under AGM 2019.
  • Posted 11/07/2019 - The Notice of the 2019 AGM and asspciated documentation has been distributed to shareholders and may also be found under AGM 2019 on the website. The AGM will be held on Saturday 10 August at 11h00 at the Entertainment Centre on the farm.
  • Posted 12/06/2019 - The first new sable arrival for the farm was born in the last 3 to 4 days.

  • Posted 22/05/2019 - In April 106 mm of rain was recorded. The total rainfall for the season was 476 mm.
  • Posted 22/05/2019 - A reminder to all shareholders of the date of the 2019 AGM - Saturday 10 August at 11h00 in the Entertainment Centre at the swimming pool.
  • Posted 25/04/2019 - Rainfall as at the end of March was 370 mm for the season with a further 106 mm in April as at the 24th.
  • Posted 11/01/2019 - A new weather forecast has been updated under Weather where a 9-day forecast for the farm can be obtained to assist with getaway planning.
  • Posted 06/01/2019 - Good rainfall arrived at last in December with 133 mm recorded for the month.
  • Posted 06/01/2019 - Shaun Mare and Salmon Vermaak have been running a project on the farm over the last 3 years trying to capture pictures of leopard on the farm with a trailcamera and have submitted some wonderful pictures which are posted under Unusual Sightings.
  • Posted 10/12/2018 - 40mm rain has fallen in the last two days which should spur new growth after the fire.
  • Posted 15/09/2018 - The minutes of the AGM have been uploaded.
  • Posted 16/08/2018 - Please diarise Saturday 10 August 2019 as the date for the 2019 AGM.
  • Posted 20/07/2018 - The notice for the 2018 AGM to be held on 11 August has been distributed and the documentation published under AGM 2018.
  • Posted 18/10/2017 - The minutes of the 2017 AGM have been uploaded to AGM 2017.
  • Posted 15/08/2017 - Please diarise Saturday 11 August 2018 as the date for the AGM 2018.
  • Posted 15/08/2017 - Three female sable were purchased and delivered to the farm on Thursday 10th August. They are between 16 and 18 months old and curretly in a seperate camp until they settle.
  • Posted 15/08/2017 - Thank you to all shareholders who attended the AGM. The Chairman's presentation has been added under AGM 2017.
  • Posted 08/06/2017 - A total of 786 mm as at the end of May has been measured so far this season which makes it the second highest rainfall over the last 12 years.
  • Posted 07/02/2017 - The date of the 2017 AGM is Saturday 12 August 2017, and will be held at the Entertainment Centre at the pool as usual, starting at 11h00.
  • Posted 01/02/2017 - Rainfall for the season to the end of January was 557 mm, with 254 mm falling in January. The rainfall so far is higher than the full amount for the previous two years.
  • Posted 11/08/2016 - Thank you to those that attended the AGM on Saturday. The MD's presentation can be found under AGM 2016.
  • Posted 12/07/2016 - The Notice of AGM and associated documentation has been loaded under AGM 2016. The AGM will be held on Saturday 6 August at 11h00 at the Entertainment Centre.
  • Posted 31/05/2016 - Rainfall for the season as at the end of May is 447 mm.
  • Posted 20/01/2016 - We are sad to announce the untimely passing of one of the permanent residents, Therese Kriel, on Saturday 16 January after a short illness. Therese was the inspiration and driving force behind the transformation of the gardens at the entrance to the farm and at the gatehouse and dedicated many hours a week watering and maintaining the plants. Our thoughts are with her husband, Willie at this time.
  • Posted 06/01/2016 - With the reduction of available water in the mountain, the sable have been more visible of late, visiting the plains in search of water.

  • Posted 30/09/2015 - A baby eland was spotted in Breekloof by Evert Lourens recently and a photo uploaded to the Photo Gallery.
  • Posted 26/08/2015 - A few photos of the Sable, which have been elusive of late, have been posted in the Photo Gallery.
  • Posted 21/08/2015 - The minutes of the AGM have been published.
  • Posted 10/08/2015 -The MD's presentation from the AGM held on Saturday 8 August has been included under AGM 2015.
  • Posted 25/07/2015 - 9 mm of rain was measured on the farm in the last 24 hours which is very unusual for this time of the year. The only time rain has been recorded in July between 1998 and 2015 was in 2006 when 10 mm fell.
  • Posted 24/07/2015 - Below are a few pictures in memory of Anneke, young daughter of Daan and Margha Mostert, whose young life was cut short tragically on 12 July 2015. The thoughts and prayers of the whole Hermanusdoorns community are with her parents, siblings and family.

Anneke loved her visits to the farm, where these pictures were taken despite an encounter as a 2-year old toddler, where she was spat at in the eyes by a Mozambique Spitting Cobra.

  • Posted 16/07/2015 - Frits van Oudtshoorn undertook another veld assessment in July 2015 and his report can be found under Conservation.
  • Posted 30/06/2015 - Six additional wildebeest and 6 additional zebra were introduced during the last two weeks along with 3 young sable bulls.


  • Posted 23/06/2015 - Further to the photo of a giraffe eating a piece of PVC piping on 02/09/2014, another shareholder has sent a photo of a bushbuck eating plastic over this last weekend. Despite continuous pleas to not litter and clear building rubble from yards, littering still remains a problem. Please be responsible and keep the environment clean and pristine snf impress this upon unaccompanied family visiting.

  • Posted 17/06/2015 - Six additional woldebeest ( 1 male and 5 female ) have been purchased and delivered to the farm.
  • Posted 10/06/2015 - Another giraffe has made its appearance in the last 2 days following a further birth about 6 weeks ago, bringing the total to 18.
  • Posted 07/05/2015 - Rainfall for the season to the end of April is 486 mm.
  • Posted 17/11/2014 - The first blesbok and impala lambs of the season have started arriving.
  • Posted 02/09/2014 - This photograph taken last weekend shows a giraffe eating a piece of PVC piping which seems to be an off-cut from an electrical installation. The giraffe subsequently swallowed the PVC. Please ensure that no litter is left in the veld around your houses after maintenance activities as this could result in animal fatalities and please do an inspection of your property for foreign objects that should not be lying around.

Giraffe eating PVC pipe 

  • Posted 24/04/2014 - For anyone driving a bakkie with 255/70 R15 tyres, please bear in mind when replacing tyres, that there could still be some life left in the tyres for farm vehicles for usage on the farm. Please contact Pieter in this regard.
  • Posted 23/04/2014 - A special "thank you" to Pieter and his team from affected shareholders for fixing the road up Breekloof in time for the Easter weekend so that shareholders could visit and enjoy themselves on the farm.
  • Posted 11/03/2014 - A webpage has been created under Rainfall with March 2014 pictures showing the water on the farm.
  • Posted 06/02/2014 - Contact details for a thatcher, recommended by a shareholder, have been added to Service Providers.
  • Posted 06/02/2014 - A new giraffe has arrived, born about 2 weeks ago.
  • Posted 12/11/2013 - A farm layout map has been created and is to be found under Site Layout under the "Farm" tab.
  • Posted 12/11/2013 - The 2013 Veld Assessment Report has been received and has been posted under Conservation.
  • Posted 15/10/2013 - The swimming pool repairs were completed last week and it was commissioned over the weekend where temperatures on the farm reached 34 degrees and is really looking fantastic.

  • Posted 12/09/2013 - There has been a request to develop a page with useful contact details of various service providers in the area that other shareholders have used and recommend - eg tiling, plumbing, electrical etc. Please forward any contacts you would like to share. A Service Providers page has been created.
  • Posted 13/08/2013 - As a result of the adoption of the new Memorandum of Incorporation as presented at the 2013 AGM, the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association are no longer applicable. The Shareholder Agreements have been ammended accordingly. 
  • Posted 23/06/2013- Some beautiful photos submitted by Ahdel Carter have been added to the Photo Gallery.
  • Posted 06/02/2013 - January was another good ranfall month with 187 mm recorded and 59 mm for February up to yesterday, with all rivers running strongly and dams full. This would bring the total for the season so far to 597 mm.
  • Posted 27/01/2013 - Changes to Transfer Duties have been updated.
  • Posted 24/01/2013- Estimated births for the season are 40 impala, 5 blue wildebeest, 2 red hartebeest and 2 blesbok.
  • Posted 24/01/2013- Further good rains fell in December with 151 mm recorded and total YTD of 351 mm.
  • Posted 24/11/2012- A picture of a male and female mountain reedbuck taken by Shaun Mare with a trip camera has been posted under Unusual Sightings.
  • Posted 18/11/2012- Good to see the presence of leopard on the farm. Spoor of 2 leopard were seen during October and a leopard kill of a bushbuck made.
  • Posted 02/10/2012- The WNC has forwarded advice on where to seek the best medical care for snake-bite treatment in the area ( including contact telephone numbers ). This has been posted both under Snakes & Snakebite as well as Emergency Numbers, and is well worth diarising the information in case of emergencies.
  • Posted 22/09/2012 - An exciting contribution from Werner Merbold of a photo of a ratel taken on the farm has been included under Unusual Sightings.
  • Posted 29/06/2012 - Sad news is that a female giraffe died giving birth over the last few weeks.
  • Posted 14/05/2012 - The EWT Carnivore Conservation Programme, in collaboration with the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, has embarked on two key initiatives: the first being a citizen science trail camera survey and the second a photographic project, with the aim of better managing the human-wildlife conflict in the area. Further details can be found in a EWT news item published on the Conservation page.
  • Posted 04/05/2012 - Please note that we have opened a new current account with RMB for the payment of levy, electricity, cleaning and alarm invoices. For those shareholders who have not yet altered the banking details for invoice payments, please do so immediately so that we can close the existing Standard Bank account. The banking details can be found under Banking / Invoicing.
  • Posted 03/05/2012- The 2012 Veld Assessment study by Fritz van Oudtshoorn, together with an article on Holistic Management of the veld appears on the Conservation page.
  • Posted 22/03/2012 - Some wonderful photo's of the eland together with a new calf ( taken in January ) as well as the nyala bull have been submitted by Sydney & Louisa Gericke and published in the Photo Gallery.
  • Posted 17/03/2012- One of the comments from the recent questionaire was a revised structure for shareholders to make suggestions and also for transarency of these suggestions to other shareholders. Please utilize the Discussion Forum for this purpose as the suggestions and comments will be reviewed at each board meeting for follow-up.
  • Posted 10/03/2012 - A synopsis of the National Veld and Forest Fires Act 1998 was e-mailed to shareholders and is available on the Procedures & Regulatory Framework page. With this is an appeal never to leave braai fires unattended, and always to extinguish the embers before going to bed. Shareholders should also be aware that it is their responsibility to ensure sufficient insurance cover over their dwellings in the case of fire.
  • Posted 10/03/3012- Some shareholders seem to be unaware of the fact that there is a radio at the entrance gate which can be utilized to contact the farm manager to make an arrangement to meet somehere on the farm. It is also a good idea to have a radio installed in your home or vehicle.
  • Posted 12/01/2012- Please note that the phone number for the farm has changed to 071 492 5473 with immediate effect. The existing landline will be discontinued at the end of January due to continuous service-related issues and slow response by the incumbents to rectifying the problems, and this will be the only phone number used to contact the farm manager.          
  • Posted 25/10/2011 - 25 impala rams and 6 kudu bulls were captured a few days ago. A total of 30 kudu bulls were planned but they made themselves scarce in the mountains. 
  • Posted 05/09/2011 - A forum for general comments has been added above to the website as requested at the AGM for shareholders  and others to share views and comments.
  • Posted 26/08/2011 - A number of shareholders had their lightning conductors tested recently. One of the shareholders raised some questions to the service provider, and these are provided below together with the resposes received.
     Is it required by Law or stated in the NHBR-or-SABS regulations that a conductor for a thatched roof residence has to be inspected annually?

    1.      It is recommended by the SABS to have lightning conductors checked annually.

    2.       If not required by Law, the NHBR or SABS, is it required by the Short Term Insurance?

    1.        The final say rests with your insurer as to how often the lightning conductor needs to be checked, they should however take heed of the SANS 10313 Code of Practice for the Protection of Structures Against Lightning.

    3.       Which components do you inspect/service on the Lightning Conductor?

    1.      The ohmic resistance is measured and should be under 50 Ohm in order to be SABS compliant. A physical examination of the lightning conductor is also carried out including angle of protection and safe distance from thatch overhang.

    4.       Does this inspections/services only have to be performed on Lightning Conductors that is situated on the mountain?

    1.      All lightning conductors, regardless of where they are situated, should be tested.

    5.       Do you issue a COC after inspection that can be produced to the Board of directors?

    1.        Yes, a COC is issued if all is in order and the system is SABS compliant.

    6.       Is all the information and regulations as well as inspection intervals listed on your web-site?

    1.        The information pertaining to SABS regulations are downloadable off the SABS website at a fee (not sure how much but know that its not cheap).

    7.       Do the residents of Welgefonden Game Ranch and other Ranches and farmers in the vicinity also have their Lightning Conductors tested/inspected annually?

    1.       Yes, I frequently test lightning conductors at some of the lodges at Welgevonden and other reserves as well.

  • Posted 16/07/2011- Please be aware that there is a service offered by the farm for yard-cleaning should your visits be infrequent. This assists in maintaining a neat and tidy area around your house.
  • Posted 19/03/2011 - Six giraffe ( 3 bulls and 3 cows ) were captured together with 11 Impala rams as the quick breeding of the giraffe is starting to outstrip the carrying capacity.
  • Posted 11/01/2011 - Shaun Mare submitted a photo of a leopard photographed with a trip camera on the farm, published under Unusual Sightings.
  • Posted 11/01/2011 - Another giraffe has been born over the last 2 or 3 days.
  • Posted 01/01/2011- Despite previous requests to utilize bin-liners in the dustbins to help prevent refuse from being blown off the bakkie on collection, a number of shareholders are still not using these. We cannot expect the staff to be handling this waste when collecting. No dustbins will be cleaned and garbage removed unless it is put in bin-liners. These are available at Snoepie.
  • Posted 07/12/2010- The Building Contracts Policy as outlined at the AGM has been published under the Procedures  webpage.
  • Posted 01/12/2010 - The tree list has been updated by the special interest group and marked up with trees identified on the farm so far.
  • Posted 04/11/2010 - There have been a number of queries regarding the make-up of the electricity charge. The breakdown is contained in the MD's Report presented at the last AGM. The charge is made up of two components - the first being usage, which is a combination of an Eskom Service Charge, Network Charge, Energy Charge and Environmental Charge.

    When calculated back to a KWh usage charge, this was R 0-80 plus VAT until 1 Oct, and from 1 Oct will increase to R 1-00 per KWh plus VAT. From 1 March 2011 this will increase to R 1-25 per KWh plus VAT.

    On top of that there is a monthy reading and meter replacement fee of R 30, which equates to a R 90 quarterly charge included with the quarterly invoice.
  • Posted 31/10/2010- Another baby giraffe has made an appearance. it was first spotted a week ago and is probably 2 weeks old. In addition, there are 2 new Eland calves.      
  • Posted 22/10/2010 - A new webpage under "Farm" called Unusual Sightings has been created with some wonderful photos taken with a trip camera set up on the farm of animals not often seen !!!   
  • Posted 18/10/2010 - A reminder from the AGM discussion to shareholders that Electrical Certificates of Compliance need to be obtained for all electrical installations in both new and existing houses. These need to be provided to the farm manager by end of December. Thereafter, the farm will arrange a contractor to check and issue compliance certificates for those houses that do not have. Please advise John Hill should you in any case wish to make use of this opportunity. 
  • Posted 29/09/2010- Six gemsbok were seen at the Schoongelegen road sites.
  • Posted 09/09/2010- An e-mail forwarded via the WNC requesting information of sightings of wild dogs in the Waterberg has been published under Wild Dogs.
  • Posted 20/07/2010 - Hermanusdoorns has become a member of the Waterberg Nature Conservancy. We were kindly allowed to publish all their newsletters since 2008 for the benefit of all shareholders. A web page for Waterberg Nature Conservancy has been created where the newsletters can be viewed.
  • Posted 15/07/2010- A link under Waterberg to an Environmental Management Framework for the Waterberg - Draft Desired State dd 8 July 2010 by Environomics Environmental Consultants and downloadable from the MetroGIS website.
  • Posted 03/07/2010- A reminder to shareholders from farm management that house cleaning services are not available to shareholders while they are on the farm. There are not enough staff to be able to provide this service. There has been a huge improvement over the last few months in the quality of cleaning services, Should shareholders need a particular type of ad-hoc clean ( eg windows etc ) arrangements can be made with farm management prior to their visit.
  • Posted 03/07/2010 - Please note that the pub is only open for special occasions, rather than having it staffed for every sporting event screened over weekends.
  • Posted 03/07/2010- Procedures and Regulation for the usage of Contractors by Owner Builders have been published under Farm Rules.
  • Posted 30/06/2010- There is a fascinating book available on the Waterberg titled "Waterberg", comprising two short stories "Vintage Waterberg" and "Timeless Waterberg" written by Lex Rodger who lived for many years in the Hangklip area ( today Entabeni ). The first part contains anecdotes and stories from people who lived there early in the 20th century, while the second part focuses mainly on the trees. It might become available at Black Mamba.
  • Posted 30/06/2010 - The Leopard Trail has recently been maintained and upgraded. Below is a picture of one of the streams encountered on the trail.    

Leopard Trail

  • Posted 01/06/2010 - Hippo spoor has been spotted on two seperate occasions close to the river sites. 
  • Posted 18/05/2010 - An Approvals Framework has been posted under AGM / Approvals. 

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