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This Discussion Forum has been created for shareholders to share information and suggestions with other shareholders and to enable a discussion thread to get started. Please use it for suggestions and to share experiences etc as the comments will be reviewed at regular board meetings for any action items arising.

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Greenbacked Heron at Waterbuck Pan

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Ideas to upgrade the farm
Please share your ideas of what should be done to upgrade the farm - recent request in the survey from a few of the shareholders.
Posted at 5:42:pm 03/17/12
This forum is great!
Thanks to John for maintaining this forum - it is great to be able to place comments and see others and definitely improves communication between all shareholders.
Posted at 9:50:am 03/12/12
Has your car battery been stolen out of your car?
Our battery was stolen out of game viewer vehicle (about a year ago) - has anyone else experienced something like this? We now have to take the battery and lock it away every time we visit ...
Posted at 9:44:am 03/12/12
Snoepie has most of the items I always need - sometimes they run out of water, but I am very grateful it is there and really appreciate it being open!

Posted at 9:39:am 03/12/12
Entertainment Area
Any bright ideas to improve the atmosphere of and usage of the entertainment area ?
Posted at 5:38:pm 03/11/12
One of the suggestions in the replies to the questionaire was that snoepie should provide a wider range of choice, especially over weekends.

Please let us have your ideas to evaluate what is possible.
Posted at 5:37:pm 03/11/12
Software Update

I have updated the software and re-installed the Comment system so please let me know should you have problems with registration and access
Posted at 4:30:pm 03/11/12
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